• Very popular dwarf variety that produces heavy yields of well-filled, dark green pods.This early variety is ideal for successional sowing.RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Height: 45 cm. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 40 grams.
  • This superb beetroot produces delicious, high quality, dark crimson, cylindrical roots that can be stored for a long time. 'Cylindra' is late ripening, slow to bolt, and shows good disease resistance. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 600 seeds.
  • High-yielding and short-fruited variety producing delicious, bitter-free fruits with a length of about 15 cm.Parthenocarpic fruit development. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 6 seeds.
  • Well-known culinary herb that is widely used in Italian cooking.'Genovese' is a classic Italian variety that grows large, aromatic leaves with excellent taste.Basil is used in pestos, salads, soups, tomato sauces, pasta dishes etc. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 1000 seeds.
  • A rosette-forming perennial that is grown as an annual in colder climates.Grows globe-shaped, yellow flower heads atop strong stems. The flowers are produced over a long period.Excellent for cutting and drying.Native to Australia.Height: 75 cm. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 100 seeds.
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    Beautiful fragrant yellow blooms in early spring(February-April). The most popular spring bedding item - very fragrant.Biennial or perennial.Height: 20 cm. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 25 seeds.
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    Dimensions: 4 cm. across. Amount: 25 pcs.
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    Attractive, creamy-skinned, tapering roots which are delicious and sweet raw. No need to peel - just rinse and eat. Also tasty cooked. Comes out top in blind taste tests63 days from sowing to harvest (taken from our own trials and may vary in different areas). Later sowings can be lifted and stored. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 180 seeds.
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    Very attractive poppy species that produces shiny, brilliant red flowers with black spots.Hardy annual.RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Height: 40 cm. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 950 seeds.
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    An early-flowering biennial or short-lived perennial with lance-shaped foliage.This old variety grows flat, dense clusters of sweetly scented, purple-red and white bicoloured flowers. Blooms from late spring to midsummer.Excellent cut flower.Attracts bees and butterflies.Lovely old-fashioned cottage garden plant, that self-sows readily.Native to southern...
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    An early Italian variety that grows beautiful medium-sized, lime-green heads of excellent flavour. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 400 seeds.
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