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  • Very popular evergreen tree with stiff, triangular, scale-like leaves that cover the spidery branches.This architectural tree grows to about 40 metres high.Easy to grow from seeds.Native to Chile and Argentina. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 5 seeds.
  • These vigorous, semi-deciduous shrubs grow lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and long showy clusters of small fragrant flowers in mixed colours.The nectar-filled flowers attract butterflies to the garden. They are also excellent for cutting.It is recommended to prune back these plants every spring to keep them well-shaped and floriferous.Native to China and...
  • Columnar, evergreen conifer with blue-green, scale-like leaves and globose, brown seed cones.Native to western North America.Height: 20 metres.
  • A deciduous, leguminous shrub with attractive pinnate leaves.Bladder senna grows yellow pea-like flowers that are followed by attractive inflated pods.Native to the Mediterranean area.Height: 3 metres. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 30 seeds.
  • One of the longest living tree species on earth. Leaf fossils have been found dating back 270 million years.Ginkgo biloba is a deciduous tree with fan-shaped, light green leaves. The leaves have been used medicinally for thousands of years.Ginkgos are dioecious so these seeds will grow male and female trees.Native to China.Height: 35m. Seeds per pkt....
  • Coniferous, evergreen shrub with aromatic, needle-like, grey-green leaves and purple-black, berry-like seed cones that are used to flavour gin etc.Common Juniper is dioecious, so individual trees are either male or female.Height: 10 metres.
  • A multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with pointed, ovate leaves and showy pendulous clusters of white flowers with purple-red bracts. The flowers are followed by dark purple berries.Native to the Himalayas.Height: 2 metres. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 60 seeds.
  • The eastern 'superfood' that’s easier to grow than a stinging nettle.The goji berry bush is a perennial plant and as such will produce fruits year after year. The fruits are sky high in antioxidants. They taste like a combination of malt, tomato, and cranberry.Height: 3m. Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 30 seeds.
  • This tree is closely related to redwoods(Sequoia).It is a fast-growing coniferous tree with pale green, deciduous leaves that turn reddish brown and yellow in autumn.Dawn redwood is native to China. It was discovered as late as in 1941. Until then the tree was only known from fossils. It is thought to have lived on earth as far back as 100 million years...
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