Spiselige vilde planter - 2. udgave


In this book you can read about a variety of wild plants that can be easily assembled and used in cooking. Some are more familiar and tasty than others, but the experience of gathering them in nature and subsequently using them in various dishes is absolutely superb. It gives the picnic content, and the senses are sharpened to find certain plants on the trip.
Author, Anemette Olesen, has for many years collected and used wild plants in his dishes. She is known for all her books (over 50) about herbs, edible flowers, fragrant herbs, old medicinal plants, etc. as well as for countless courses on wild plants and cooking. In this book she provides a guide on how to incorporate wild plants into cooking.





In this 2. edition comments from the Danish veterinary and food administration's has been added about some of the plants as well as a small lexicon of the ingredients to be noted.

Hardcover, 96 pages.
Size : 17x12.5 cm.