Who are we?
Kerneliv.dk was launched in late summer 2011, but in fact the company has existed since 2002 under the name Primafroe.
The company was started from a desire to create a seed store with a large and exciting seed assortment available for home gardeners in Denmark and other european countries.
The team behind Kerneliv.dk all have a background in the Danish horticultural industry, so we possess a good deal of knowledge about plants and plant cultivation.

What do we want?
We want to become Europe's best Internet-based seed store! To become that we will always :

 - Deliver high quality seeds with good germination ability.
 - Sell a broad and exciting seed assortment.
 - Keep competitive prices.
 - Deliver quickly.

Address etc. :
Askebyvej 56
5471 Sonderso

Tel. 0045 65954161
VAT-no. DK-26396670