Acmella oleracea, Electric Daisy


Pop one of these unassuming little yellow flowers in your mouth and you will soon find out how it got its range of colourful common names; everything from buzz buttons to toothache plant.An initial burst of citrus tang is quickly followed by a curious, tingly sensation like a jolt of electricity that fills your whole mouth, ending in a mild local anaesthesia that can last for up to 15 minutes.





This fizzy space dust-like effect, which some have likened to licking a 9 volt battery, is produced by the plants high levels of a pain-relieving agent called spilanthol, explaining its traditional use in treating toothache, mouth ulcers and sore throats for centuries.
Spilanthol's muscle relaxing effects have even meant that an extract of the plant has found its way into high-end face creams that claim to have a natural 'botox' effect.
Height: 40 cm.

Seeds per pkt. (approx.): 220 seeds.